This is a list of XMPP channels hosted by me. Channels branded as Inferencium are run by me. Channels not under Inferencium branding are either run by me or other people, but are hosted on Inferencium servers.

Public channels can be joined by anyone without an invitation. Non-public channels require an invitation; requirements for invitations differ per channel.

For assistance within any channel, contact a moderator of the channel. If an issue is related to a moderator, contact an administrator; administrators should not be contacted unless the issue cannot be resolved by a moderator.

Name Description Public? Moderators Administrators

Inferencium general channel.

Topic: Any, excluding NSFW.

Multimedia prohibited unless part of discussion.

Inferencium - Moderation

Inferencium moderation channel.

Topic: Moderation of all XMPP channels hosted by Inferencium.

Inferencium moderators only.

Inferencium - Multimedia

Inferencium multimedia channel.

Topic: Any, excluding NSFW.

Discussion prohibited outside of multimedia discussion.

Systems Hardening

Systems Hardening security and privacy channel.

Topic: General security and privacy.

Yes (Temporarily unavailable)
Systems Hardening - Off-topic

Systems Hardening off-topic channel.

Topic: Any, excluding NSFW, security, and privacy.

Yes (Temporarily unavailable)