All personal and Inferencium commits, tags, and releases are signed by me. Always perform commit, tag, and release verification when using the source code repositories. My personal SSH keys used for signing commits, tags, and releases can be found on the Key webpage.

Commit, tag, and release verification should still be performed when using the main source code repositories, despite them being located on Inferencium servers; they are not a substitution for proper security checks.

Third-party source code repositories are not affiliated with Inferencium and may or may not be signed. Consult their main source code repository locations and/or documentation for more information on their policies.


The main source code repositories are located on Inferencium servers and are where development occurs, along with where issues and pull requests are managed.

It is recommended to use the main repositories over mirrors whenever possible; I have full control over the source code and configurations.


The main source code repository mirrors are located on third-party servers and are used solely as a secondary location in case of main source code repository unavailability, such as Inferencium server maintenance downtime or other technical issues. They also act as a backup for the main source code repositories.

Issues and pull requests are not managed on third-party mirrors.



The third-party source code repository mirrors are mirrors of important and related third-party source code repositories hosted on Inferencium servers. These repositories are verbatim copies of the third-party source code repositories without any modification.

Issues and pull requests are not managed on Inferencium servers.